New Build

Having a custom house built from scratch can be overwhelming, from selecting the floor to the railings to the kitchen cupboards. These are the decisions my clients were overwhelmed with when they contacted me for help. I assisted my clients with the flooring, room planning , paint colours, back splash right down to the furniture and accessories. I pushed them to make some bold decisions that paid off in the end. I wanted them to feel happy and right at home and extenuate their fun and vivacious personalty by incorporating personal touches. I was able to take some blue prints and turn them into a “home my clients cannot wait to come home too.”



Starting with the entrance I wanted to showcase my clients love for Disney. The custom made bench brings their fun character and personality into the space while retaining sophistication .

Entrance Hallway 2Entrance Bench 2


Dining Room

My clients already had a dining table and china cabinet. I ordered custom made head master chairs that look like they came with the initial set. I wanted to update the room with playful chairs and whimsical lighting that fit with the sophisticated Disney theme.


Open Concept Kitchen and Family Room

The kitchen and family room area are open concept which is great for entertaining and spending time with your family. I continued the sophisticated Disney theme by incorporating strategically placed trinkets around the room. The walls and kitchen cupboards are very neutral with bold colour choices in fabrics and accessories to showcase the personality of my clients.

Family Room and Kitchen




Family Room

Family Room and Kitchen

My clients inherited a sentimental elephant coffee and end table set that was important to incorporate. To do so,  some elephants accessories were scattered strategically throughout the home to set a subtle flowing theme.



Leading to the upstairs is a grand staircase. The dark railing really accentuates the light neutral wall. A fun and colourful over sized painting was incorporated to add some personality into every inch of the home.

Hallway 1


Master Bedroom

My clients love the colour teal but were unsure and hesitant about putting this gorgeous colour in their home. I knew incorporating teal into their master suite would create their own personal haven. I selected a bold paint colour accent wall and lightened the rest of the room  with a soft off white with a hint of teal. After some hand holding my clients are happy I pushed them to make a bold decision and are ecstatic with the end result.

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom 1

Master Bedroom 7

Master Bedroom 8


Toronto Maple Leaf Inspired Bedroom

Showcasing  love for a sport is  a fun way to transform a room to reflect your passion. I selected a feature wall done in the leafs blue jersey colour and team spirit was added across the room to tie the theme together.



I wanted this bedroom to stand out with character just as the other bedrooms do. A rustic wood was placed on the wall to create a striking feature wall.

Bedroom 2


Toronto Maple Leaf Inspired Basement

Having a space to enjoy each others company and entertain was very important to my client. This finished basement includes a pool table , dining area and full functioning bar with a theme that inspires them to route for their team.

Leaf Inspired Basement 1


Theatre Room

An added bonus to this home was this amazing theater room. We kept the Disney theme in this area by adding personal touches to the sliding live edge door and display some of their beautiful Disney posters. I softened this room with a carpet and darkened the walls to create a cozy and functional theater room. This  room was quick to become on of my clients favorite spaces to come home and enjoy family movie night.

Theatre Room 2


Renovations can be challenging especially when moving into a new home in a new city. It can be overwhelming and you do not know where to begin or even which stores to work with. That is what my client was feeling when they requested my services. With a lot of TLC we were able to turn this dated home into a modern oasis my client is happy to call HOME!


Entrance- I kept this area light and airy to keep the main focus on the open concept of this home. This allows your eyes to be drawn to the main focal point in the room.

Renovated Entrance


Living Room- Out with the old and in with the new. The room was completely updated to reflect the clients modern taste. I was able to update this dark and dated living room to fresh and bright sanctuary my clients enjoy.

Living Room After



Powder Room- Once a place of darkness was updated to a bright and modern room guests can enjoy.


Kitchen- Keeping with the theme of this home I softened this kitchen by renovating the nook area. Once a place my client hated quickly became one of their favorite places in the home.Kitchen Nook



Den- This room was intended to kick your feet up and relax , which is exactly what my client’s can do now that we have taken the wallpaper off the wall and showcased some of their favorite accessories.

Den Accessories

Den Accessories 2


Bedroom- A once outdated eyesore was transformed into a room my clients can’t wait to come home to at night. The layout of the space was changed to create a better traffic flow and showcase the room better.

Bedroom After

Bedroom wall



Office- While showcasing some of my clients hobbies I created a clean and fresh office for my client to be able to enjoy spending time in.

Office After 2


Guest Room- Sometimes we have beautiful pieces of artwork from our old home we cannot showcase in our new home. We do not know what to do with these beloved pieces of art…solution why not let your guests enjoy them. We placed gorgeous sentimental pieces of art around the bed to showcase their beauty and add some depth to the guest room.

Guest Room After 1


Basement Bedroom – Although renovations on the basement are not fully completed I wanted to showcase how even the littlest changes such as a coat of paint and new furniture can completely change and update a room.


Dining Room- This room was dark and dated. With my clients existing dining table and chairs I was able to create an eclectic look that my clients could not wait to entertain guests in.

Dining Room


Pops of Colour

Adding bold colours to your home can be intimidating. The best place to start is with somthing inspirational like a piece of art or an area rug. For this clients family room we selected a beautiful area rug to pull colours from. We pulled the charcoal grey for the sectional which coordinated well with the open concept of the house. For a pop of colour we featured the rich burnt orange in the rug. In the living room we decided to go a little more bold with navy blue sofas and a heavy weaved black swivel chairs. Even though this was a bolder colour choice when paired with a light area rug and neutral walls it created a cozy and inviting environment the client was happy with. Next step for this home is accessorizing which is a fantastic way to add a pop of colour and tie the room together !!


Living room



Clinic Renovation

I recently had the pleasure of renovating a clinic. Updating a space can be challenging when you are restricted with pre-existing flooring. I was able to create a colour scheme to compliment the colours in the tile. By coordinating the floors with the new colour scheme I was able provide this clinic with a fun and fresh atmosphere for patients.






After 7