Personalized Design Consultation:

The design plan and suggestions you receive are based on you. Your life, your home, your wants and needs and your lifestyle. Available for an hourly fee and you are provided with the following:

* design recommendations based on your lifestyle needs and vision for the space

* paint colour suggestions

* space planning recommendations to create a functional living space

* fabric, flooring and window treatment suggestions

* focal point walls and features suggestions

* accessories and staging placement ideas

* renovations and construction advice

Shopping with the Designer 

* Whether you are decorating or staging your home for resale having a designer accompany you to retail or exclusive to designer  stores will help with choosing items that will provide the overall ambiance you are hoping to achieve in the space.

Room Design Services 

* A custom design plan will be created for your space that will accentuate your home and captivate your needs for the space. All the selections of materials that are sourced out for the project and the overall design plan will be presented to you.

Full Interior Services

* A complete design plan will be created with a clear vision of how the room will be completed. After approval of the design plan the designer will be in charge of the project and you will be provided with an estimate which entails the cost and deadline of the project.

Home staging

After a consultation I can prepare the property for resale by:

* Rearranging furniture to creating the best traffic flow for your space

* De-cluttering the space to allow clients to visualize themselves in the space

* Landscaping to showcase the home’s finest features

* Packing, organizing, storing, cleaning

Day of viewing (option for client)

* Cleaning the house thoroughly (including making beds)

* Providing viewers drinks and snacks

* Insuring the house looks pristine for viewing by providing the client with whatever it takes to prepare the property.

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