6 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. When my husband and I were preparing to downsize to a condo, we realized we would need to downsize our furniture as well. We went to our go-to store, Stoney Creek Furniture, where we met Rosanne. After a visit to our condo where she spent a great deal of time measuring and taking photos, Rosanne created a floor plan that maximized the space and incorporated some pieces that we wanted to keep in the family. When choosing the new furniture, fabrics, and finishes, we relied on Rosanne’s keen sense of style and color to guide us. We never felt rushed or pressured and really appreciated that she truly listened to us throughout the process. Afterwards, Rosanne was always available for consulting when we were making decisions on paint and accessories.

    What could have been a stressful experience ended up being very pleasant and we are extremely pleased with the results. We felt right at home immediately with our new furniture!

    Rosanne is a true professional who understands people’s needs and I highly recommend using her expertise to help navigate all the decisions involved in decorating a space, be it large or small.


  2. Hello Rosanne…..I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful service you gave me with respect to the purchase of our new chairs and tables. It was quite a challenge to find just the right items for this space. I really appreciated your patience because I know that I was quite indecisive! You are very professional and have excellent customer service skills. Stoney Creek is lucky to have you. Many thanks! Sue H.


  3. We highly recommend the services of Rosanne Martinello as both a design consultant and as a salesperson for Stoney Creek Furniture. We first met Rosanne in the Stoney Creek store when we were still in the early stages of deciding on options to refurnish our dining and living areas of the condo we had bought the year before. With many choices there was uncertainty as to how the many pieces might fit into the spaces we had as well as combine to give us a coordinated look. To help us along we arranged for Rosanne to carry out an in-house consultation with diagrams and measurements — these proved to be an invaluable tool in later making decisions in the store. Rosanne helped us to develop the look we wanted and guided us through the choices of colours and fabrics as we put our order together. Rosanne was knowledgeable, a great help in pointing out options and fun to deal with. We have already referred Rosanne to another couple in our building and they were similarly impressed with the services she provided. Thank you Rosanne. Sharon Olm and Chuck Collingridge


  4. Thank you Rosanne Martinello! Your passion for what you do, and your keen eye for style, colour & texture, guided us through the transformation of our family room. You made the experience so fun and exciting! From room design (complete with floor plans, colour selections and fabric choices) to the finishing accent decor, you just had every correct solution! You have such a flare for your chosen profession. I would confidently and highly recommend your services! Thank you. L. Gizzie.


  5. I too have just downsized and needed help with – everything. Having just read the comments above, I can only repeat the glowing recommendations from other clients. I had been afraid to get involved with a decorator who would want me to buy beautiful furniture and accessories etc. that were very tasteful and coordinated – but, would not be “me”. Rosanne was wonderful, always taking into consideration my preferences in colour, taste, and found unique ways to incorporate my special pieces and transformed my empty condo into “my home.”

    I’d also like to comment on Rosanne herself. She is just as lovely as the homes she creates. When she made an appointment, she kept it and never, at any time, did she miss a deadline, or promise something she couldn’t deliver. This commitment and integrity is very rare and appreciated and Rosanne, I’d really like to thank you for all your help over the past couple of months.


  6. Building a custom home is a very stressful experience with so many decisions along the way. We reached out to Rosanne in the early stages. She helped with paint colours, furniture choices, lighting, etc. I honestly do not think we would have achieved the same results without her help.

    Working with Rosanne was a very positive experience. She listened to our needs and has a fantastic eye for detail, colour and design. It was so fun working with Rosanne and we shared many laughs along the way. She is patient, creative and very easy to work with. Most importantly, we trusted her decisions.

    I highly recommend her services. 10 stars!


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