Renovations can be challenging especially when moving into a new home in a new city. It can be overwhelming and you do not know where to begin or even which stores to work with. That is what my client was feeling when they requested my services. With a lot of TLC we were able to turn this dated home into a modern oasis my client is happy to call HOME!


Entrance- I kept this area light and airy to keep the main focus on the open concept of this home. This allows your eyes to be drawn to the main focal point in the room.

Renovated Entrance


Living Room- Out with the old and in with the new. The room was completely updated to reflect the clients modern taste. I was able to update this dark and dated living room to fresh and bright sanctuary my clients enjoy.

Living Room After



Powder Room- Once a place of darkness was updated to a bright and modern room guests can enjoy.


Kitchen- Keeping with the theme of this home I softened this kitchen by renovating the nook area. Once a place my client hated quickly became one of their favorite places in the home.Kitchen Nook



Den- This room was intended to kick your feet up and relax , which is exactly what my client’s can do now that we have taken the wallpaper off the wall and showcased some of their favorite accessories.

Den Accessories

Den Accessories 2


Bedroom- A once outdated eyesore was transformed into a room my clients can’t wait to come home to at night. The layout of the space was changed to create a better traffic flow and showcase the room better.

Bedroom After

Bedroom wall



Office- While showcasing some of my clients hobbies I created a clean and fresh office for my client to be able to enjoy spending time in.

Office After 2


Guest Room- Sometimes we have beautiful pieces of artwork from our old home we cannot showcase in our new home. We do not know what to do with these beloved pieces of art…solution why not let your guests enjoy them. We placed gorgeous sentimental pieces of art around the bed to showcase their beauty and add some depth to the guest room.

Guest Room After 1


Basement Bedroom – Although renovations on the basement are not fully completed I wanted to showcase how even the littlest changes such as a coat of paint and new furniture can completely change and update a room.


Dining Room- This room was dark and dated. With my clients existing dining table and chairs I was able to create an eclectic look that my clients could not wait to entertain guests in.

Dining Room


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