Modern Elegance

       Having children, a full time job and a busy schedule with an entire home to furnish can be overwhelming. With a busy schedule and little time spare my clients  reached out to me for assistance. We decided to start in the living room and ultimately create a relaxing adult only zone. I confidently curated their space by incorporating their style and define their personalities, they now have a living room they are thrilled to call their own.

After Living Room


I started with an empty room that only had two over sized chairs. It was important to my client to still be utilized, so I reupholstered the chairs and moved them to the basement. I sourced out furniture that fit the space perfectly, would provide more seating for entertaining , and custom ordered them in a fabric that suits my clients taste.

After view of room


 I added beautiful metal accent tables to soften the room and appeal to my clients contemporary taste. The detail on the bottom of the tables add sophistication and style.

After 11


  To create a flow in the space I coordinated the accent chairs to match the pillows on the sofa and chair. To enhance the space I added bold accessories.

After view of sofa


To elevate the room I added abstract art work and a show stopping rug which are contemporary statement pieces in the room.

After view from the corner


Accent tables were added between the accent chairs to marry the wood elements in the dining room while still managing to incorporate the urban theme.

After Accent Chair


I selected dark beautiful drapes to hang in the window to add a level of depth to the space and balance the room.

After Accent Chairs


As I continue to work with my clients I will incorporate the modern elegance theme into the rest of the home. Stay tuned!!

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